Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Napoleon Dynamite

So it wasn't us? Napoleon Dynamite frickin' sucked for everyone who gets all the jokes in Bowling For Soup's lyrics?

True: I rented it b/c I heard it was this total cult classic and the video store didn't have Eating Raoul on DVD (Trig's does) or Underworld. Got it home, explained to my bride that it was this award winning cult thing that has gotten rave reviews.

Half an hour into it (Exactly!) I stood up, walked to the DVD player, pulled it out and put in Young Frankenstein. Never said a word to Michelle.

Way, way, way, bad movie. When you see "MTV Films Presents", just run for the nearest Mel Brooks film. Even Dead and Loving It.

The 21st Century largely sucks so far.


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