Thursday, April 14, 2005

We are talking about wild animals not Morris the Cat.

This turned into a rant - But let me be clear. I am an Animal Lover especially cats.

This whole feral Cat thing is best summed up by a coworker who has a barn full of Feral Cats she never invited. ”Anyone who doesn’t think they shouldn’t be shot should be locked up in my barn with them for a day”.

Per state law she can’t kill them. She’d have to trap them and take them to the Humane Society. Where the Humane Society would take one look at the cats and euthanize them because they are feral cats. We have rabid cats in our county. So the chances of me trying to trap one of these suckers is Zero.

Another factor is how we get stray cats in the country. The answer is people from the city drive by and drop ‘em off. I’ve heard numerous first hand accounts about it and I’ve seen litters of kittens in the ass end of nowhere sitting on the side of the road. Trust me they didn’t take the bus they were dropped off. Those kittens that survive to full maturity are no longer pets. They are wild animals with razor sharp claws.

If there were wild Dogs roaming the streets we wouldn’t be having this conversation. Rural Cats have become so ubiquitous you don’t even consider finding their owner. Now a dog roaming the streets gets picked up and the owner is located. If the dog continues to roam free sooner or later the county steps in and sees to it that the dog is either kept on a leash or the dog is taken to the Humane Society. Why do we do this? Because feral dogs are dangerous, they hunt in packs, they could kill you.

Tit Fortnight posting is in the works


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