Saturday, May 28, 2005


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As Lucas has said time and again (even this time), the movies are taking from timeless stories, and the story of the dictator seizing power and destroying freedom has many precusors. You can look at it as Tower of Babel or Icarus and Daedelous -- Man's greatest foe is himself.

For the record, Vader had nothing to do with targeting or destroying Alderaan. The most he does is immobilize Leia during that sequence, where Tarkin (who Leia accuses of holding Vader's leash) does all the dastardliness.

Back to the leash: there are a couple of other examples that show that Tarkin in general controlled Vader in "A New Hope". What was the nature of their relationship? One can only assume that Tarkin was teaching Vader to be an able administrator.

I am not making this up.

By the end of the series, Vader's skills as a project manager are complete. He is brought onto a project that is over schedule and budget. One can only assume he spent several nights going over their books and cleaning up their accounting system. I don't know why Lucas took out those parts but left in the extended Ewok mourning scene. Go fig.

The Emperor started all kinds of projects, but never seemed to stay on top of them. If the Death Star's constuction had been better managed, clearly no vulnerability would have been discovered by a rag-tag band of rebels. Also, the Emperor's ability to see the future was thrown into doubt by that chain of events.

Vader's rise, taking control over the Emperor's wasteful project management clearly resulted in savings and increased productivity. Before dying, he passed his Gantt charts and spreadsheets to his son.

And that, my friend, is what Star Wars is really about. That, and stupid Republicans. More on that later.
Bwa-ha-ha-ha! It's not overtly political about any one group unless you want to see it that way. You can take "Only Sith believe in absolutes" as applying to the fringe-Left disdain for guns or love of free speech or politicall correctness. Or you could look at it as a kick-ass conclusion to what had been a flagging epic.


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