Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Let there be no doubt

I am left of Brian and Terry, but right of Babs Streisand. Further proof:
Liberals, after all, founded our nation. They were skeptical of the power of any institution - be it corporate (the Boston Tea Party was an anti-globalization protest against the world's largest transnational corporation, the East India Company), religious (Ben Franklin left Massachusetts for Philadelphia during his childhood in part because they were still hanging witches in the outlying regions), or governmental (the "kingly oppressions" such as the power of a king to make war, referred to by Madison and later quoted by Lincoln). [Source: email from Buzzflash]

I don't think I would say that liberals founded our nation and try to make it sound like only liberals were involved in craftng our national experiment. Many stripes of conservatism ran through them, even Franklin and Madison. I'm not entirely sure about what party Lincoln belonged to. Any helpful bloggers out there care to help me out?

Boy, I hope the sarcasm came though on my earlier post, just as I hope it comes through here.

We need to divorce the concepts of liberalism and conservatism from political parties. We need to divorce social, fiscal, legal, and governmental liberalism or conservativism. Dems are trying to make it known to more and more people that you can vote for a Dem and not go to Hell.

And I don't care what Ratzinger has to say on that one.

Log Cabin Republicans are ticked off that a minority with an agenda hijacked their party. To be honest, I am too. I'd rather have an open discussion about the role of government with my mom without having to refer to the Bible. ("Mom, 'Render unto Caesar' is Jesus' way of advocating a complete separation of church and state.").

So if Republicans don't stand for smaller, less-intrusive government and strong states' rights, what do they stand for? Monopolization of power?

Very tempted to post photo comparisons of Ratzinger and Palpatine.


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