Tuesday, May 10, 2005

No Googling?

Screw you, man. You're not the boss of me. You can't tell me what to do.

Before I answer your baiting question, in the manner you prescribed (i.e., no Googling), I'd like to point out that you spent a lot of money on an education that is wasted if you can't even distinguish between "effect" and "affect". Go ahead and bring on the legal smarminess; I at least know how to use the English language properly, you punk.

That said, what I recall of the issue is that Federal Sentencing Guidelines are a Republican issue. Republicans, like former attorney general and pop superstar John Ashcroft, are really uptight about making judges sentence convicted people to the maximum extent of the law, and then some. I believe this is partly because Republicans tend to own more jail construction companies.

You could also look at it as a Democratic issue, in that even during the 2004 Democratic primaries, John Edwards platform (yeah, I read it) included a part about equalizing drug conviction terms for crack and coccaine. I believe also that Democrats believe that the judiciary should be allowed to, how should I say, make judgment calls on their own.

There are many decisions that Dem- or Liberal-appointed judges make that tick off those on the left. We don't, however, call for their removal or sport-hunting simply because we disagree with them, though. Well, maybe Scalia. Still, not annointed by my guys.

Are you suggesting that Republicans don't properly vette their boys?
I don't get the joke about Joni, Terry. Or how China plays into a story about Thailand. However, I do think that anyone who keeps a detailed diary of their exploits with underaged lovers deserves to go to jail for being stupid.


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