Monday, May 30, 2005

Scenes from Minneapolis

Went west this weekend to Minneapolis. The first stop was at a friend's 20th Wedding anniversary party/picnic, the second was at mall of America.

  1. There is no way for a guy to look butch with Minnesota tags on his truck.
  2. When you hear that the Unitarian Pastor and her partner are going to be singing a song for the happy couple, you know that there isn't going to be a drop of lipstick anywhere in the room.
  3. Piety is not a pink belly shirt that says "Jesus Christ Is My Homeboy."
  4. It is surpringly easy for a girl to look butch with Minnesota tags on her truck.
  5. You *have* to get off at the exit with the Adult Superstore if you want to go from 94 to 29.

These things I observed.
More Anakin blogging later, I, too, have some salient points from my project management days.


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