Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Shoulda Stuck It Out

I'm pissed that my gang has squandered the opportunity to stick it to the other side. I'm deeply disappointed that we couldn't see an actual honest to goodness filibuster. I'm also hip deep in trial prep on three cases that are 'go' in June.

So I'll turn this over to the Protein Wisdom blog:
Democratic Senators should have been forced to shut down the Senate in order to block the President’s nominees. Robert Byrd should have been forced to stand before the cameras and block the vote of an African-American woman, the daughter of sharecroppers, a single mother who worked her way through school. Barbara Boxer and Hillary Clinton should have been forced to block the vote of a well-respected female jurist from Texas who garnered 84% support in her state and received a highly qualified rating from the ABA. Chuck Shumer should have been forced to point out that William Pryor, the man who went against principle to obey a federal ruling against Alabama judge Roy Moore, is an “extremist” or a “radical” who is unable to separate his desire to follow his own beliefs from his duty to uphold the law.

Mega Freaking Dittoes, Jeff.

Back to the intricacies of the DOC's Use of Force Policies.
I was hoping that the message to ROTS was that evil must be confronted and destroyed or else it will result in the extermination of all the people living on Alderaan.


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