Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Star Wars!

I can't believe the sith have the same motto as cobra kai from karate kid. "show no mercy" maybe we'll see the emporer tell darth vader " sweep the leg, you got a problem with that?" [Source]

Nervous trepidation. The reviews are pouring in, claiming that it's the best of the prequels (super difficult feat there, eh?), including the one I was most concerned about, the one for parents.

It's too violent and disturbing. I won't take Dante to it.

I feel bad because I kind of got him psyched up, but the whole thing about Anakin Flambe, if nothing else, sounds like it would really scare the little guy. I remember how, after I saw "The Empire Strikes Back", I was terrified that my dad was was going to chop my hand off if I ever told him that I wasn't going to join him. Still am, in fact.

I need to figure out what to do now. Lie to him (ala Kenobi)? Manipulate him not wanting to go (ala Palpatine)? Tell him no (ala Uncle Owen)? Trick him by showing him something else like the Clone Wars cartoon and tell him it was actually the movie, only coming clean much later (like Yoda on Dagobah revealing himself to Luke)? If only I had some guide to father-son relationships.

For years, I've been playing edited versions of the movies, where I distract him during any dismemberments/beheadings. What do I do now?

How long before "Obi Wan Shot First" tshirts come out?


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