Tuesday, May 17, 2005

What Condoms Cannot Do: Filibuster

[...]Sen. Tom Coburn, R-Okla., confirmed that he intends to place a hold on [Lester] Crawford's nomination [to head the FDA] if it gets out of the Senate Health, Education, Labor and Pensions Committee. His spokesman, John Hart, said Coburn is concerned that the FDA under Crawford's leadership as acting commissioner has not implemented a law requiring new labels for condoms that describe their limitations.[ Source ]

Filibuster! Filibuster!! Only Democrats can use that technique!! Republicans are not allowed!! How dare he?

Coburn, for the uninitiated, was the one talking about lesbianism having become so rampant in south east Oklahoma that girls are not allowed to go to the restrooms in pairs anymore (thoroughly debunked). One of the many current Republican nutcases.

Yes, I am aware that Coburn is joined by Democrats on wanting to shut down Crawford's nomination. Yes, I am aware that there were a lot of other things in the article. Yes, I am aware that Coburn's issue is with a law not being properly implemented. Yes, I am aware that some members of the Democratic party seem odd to the Red-inclined. Please, no blowback on any of that stuff. Just blowback on the filibuster, Senate holds, Whack-job Tom Coburn, condom use and sex education.

Anyway, condoms used after conception will not, I repeat, not un-conceive. Very important to note. Nor would it remove any disease you've picked up. Also, there are one or two things that still get through (warts, most notably). Too bad there aren't any classes to educate kids on how to use condoms. I hope kids will pause in their endeavors and take the time to read the fine print, much as they have to in order to put it on correctly, now that the Bush administration prohibits demonstrating the correct application of a condom on anything that resembles the male genitalia. Even cucumbers are out. That would have been a bit intimidating for me, to be so compared. I suppose I might stack up pretty well against Japanese cucumbers, though.
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