Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Yes, as a Matter of Fact, I Do Own You.

As keeper of freaky voodoo shit, I own you. And L. Ron Hubbard, too. *And*, I have to ask for help on how to use apostrophes. Really. And I'm easily one of the smartest people I know.

The funny thing about Sentencing Guidelines is that they infuriate everybody. Originally conceived as a "Law And Order" effort of the 1970s to get tough on crime, they were then adopted by the Equal Protection crowd of the Left to ensure that everybody who fit in their little class and race warfare pigeonholes were shit upon equally by the government.

Since then, they've been the subject of endless litigation - A quick peek in Lexis tells me that they've been litigated on some thirty six times in the last five years in Wiscconsin alone. That's a lot.

But because they don't neatly fit into anybodies (there it is again - did I do it right?) definition of jurisprudence, they've been simultaneously disowned and embraced by all the sides of the argument - much like the 2004 Boston Red Sox.

I'd love to see a judge tell the Senate "Screw you - If I think the drug dealer should be placed on probation, that's my call. Go back and re-read Art. I, Sec. 8, you overpaid rubber-stampers."

Chances are that would probably torpedo his nomination.

Are candidates properly vetted by either side? Frankly, they shouldn't be 'vetted' at all. The process has become so ungainly that we ought to look at doing it differently - perhaps we should just hire the bastards like we do Federal Prosecutors and Federal Defenders. Let them be impeachable, but let's look at doing something to get people on the bench while they're still young enough to hear oral arguments unassisted.

Until that time comes, they should be voted on - not used as pawns in some freakish sideshow of "The Culture Wars". (Admittedly, I haven't paid that much attention, but we do actually have the ugly spectre of the Black Caucus trying to hold up the appointment of a Black judge to the Federal bench?? Puh-leeaze.)

Frankly, this song captures how most attorney's feel about Federal Judges anyways.
You *dream* about your political enemies??? I don't ever recall losing a moments R.E.M. over Bill, and when Hillary is president, I doubt I will then. Why don't you dream about fucking, like the rest of us?


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