Thursday, May 12, 2005

You Don't Own $%*^

Tell me, Mr. "I'm Just Concerned For The Future Of The American Judiciary", without Googling an answer, are Federal Sentencing Guidelines a Republican or a Democratic Issue when it comes to selecting Judges?

I failed to see your acknowledgement of my correct answer in your reply. I appreciate the history lesson, but the failure to note that I correctly jumped through your hoop is rather troubling.

Tell me, Mr. History degree, what religion caused the English Civil Wars and how that could possibly apply to today, again without Googling.

And then, with Googling, tell me which modern political party is most closely affiliated with bestiality.

I don't often dream about fucking, and when I do, it generally causes me nothing but trouble. Then again, maybe the world could be divided into Those Who Do and Those Who Dream.


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