Saturday, June 18, 2005

How To Tell When You're in Waaaayyyy Too Deep

You post stuff like this:
Ah, Wisconsin's Fifth Congressional District, I mourn for thee. I know you probably thought you were sending a lawyer to Congress, but instead, it turns out he's just an Episcopalian philatelist.

So, who won the bet on how long it would take me to post on this?

I can honestly say that I'm more confused by this post then I was by the plot line of AOTC.

Seriously, what the hell are you talking about? Clue the rest of us in - I mean, I read Drudge, the Washington Post, Instapundit, Tim Blair, and my local Daily and I have no idea what Jimbo did.
Philatelist? Is that what Michael Jackson is or is that someone who collects stamps?


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