Tuesday, June 28, 2005

More Supremes

I think that the rulings from the Supremes says that the Ten Commandments are OK when used in the creation of lawn ornaments, but my understanding is certainly not a professional opinion. For that, I could turn to the same source as CNN did -- former US attorneys.

One was just on CNN, and I need to get his name, but the guy was a little annoying because he remarked on how God was part of our national history — it's in our Pledge of Allegiance and it's on our money.

I know that the God reference in the Pledge was added in the 1950s and that it was in response to an enemy that no longer exists. It looks like the national motto was first added during America's Civil War and then made our national mottot and mandatory on our currency at the same time that God was added to the pledge.

When people talk about the history of God and America, they tend to pick an choose. Most of America's history has been remarkably secular. Since we aren't fighting the godless commies anymore, what the hell are we still doing with these relics in our national consciousness?
I would not object to "In the Creator We Trust". That's the reference that's been around since the beginning.


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