Monday, June 06, 2005

Piss Off

Hey, how did a guard's urine splash on a copy of the Koran?

How did a "two-word curse word" come to be inscribed in a copy?

Why did someone kick a copy?

Why did a contract "interrogator" step on a copy?

Before you say that you really don't give a shit about the Koran, imagine if the roles were reversed. Also tell me if you could possibly imagine "Red Dawn" redone where Americans were playing the part of those bastard Commies. I don't know what the Afghan or Iraqi version of the Boy Scouts would be, but I wonder how many paramilitarians we got with that line of thought.

That would explain the kids we recently let go of. Bear in mind that if they truly were terrorists, then we're doing a shitty job on our War Against Terror. If we released them because they aren't terrorists, then we're making excellent progress on our War Against Justice.

It seems like you blog on topics you harbor secret shame about. Is that true?


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