Monday, June 06, 2005

Piss On

I normally like to do things in sets of three, but I have a trial this morning, so I've only time to do a small smack down:
Hood also said his investigation found 15 cases of detainees mishandling their own Korans. "These included using a Koran as a pillow, ripping pages out of the Koran, attempting to flush a Koran down the toilet and urinating on the Koran," Hood's report said. It offered no possible explanation for the detainees' motives.

In the most recent of those 15 cases, a detainee on Feb. 18 allegedly ripped up his Koran and handed it to a guard, stating that he had given up on being a Muslim. Several guards witnessed this, Hood reported.
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And from Afghanistan, where Korans are being destroyed in accordance with the ancient teachings of The Prophet:
KABUL, Afghanistan, June 1 -- A suicide bomber disguised as an Afghan soldier attacked a crowded mosque in the southern Afghan city of Kandahar on Wednesday morning, setting off a massive explosion that killed 19 people and injured more than 50, Afghan officials said.

The blast occurred during a memorial service for a prominent and outspoken pro-government cleric who had been assassinated three days earlier. The police chief of the capital, Kabul, Gen. Akram Khakrezwal, was among those killed in the blast, which left the mosque littered with body parts and pools of blood, according to witnesses quoted in news service reports.
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Gotta go do some substantial justice - to the Justice Mobile!
I haven't forgotten the long promised Anakin post - it's just that that sort of stuff takes longer to write than this.


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