Saturday, June 18, 2005

Speak English or Die, Mother F&*(*&er

I cannot stress how difficult it is for me to take anyone seriously when they mangle the language (Cf. when I thought I was telling Japanese people that I was a foreigner but instead was telling them that I was monster -- after that, they switched to English because they couldn't stop laughing at my Japanese).

Than: a word used for comparison

Then: a word to indicate temporal order


"I posted to the blog and THEN went to the circus."
"I belong in a circus more THAN a political discussion."

Now, back to the discussion at large. You now appear to accept "moron" as a description for some Congressmen. This is good -- it shan't be much longer before you're advocating universal health care.

Please explain your differentiation between "political elites" (all of whom you name are wealthy families) and aristocracy in fact if not name. Since you obviously disdain the hereditary elite, why not join me in my Holy War against the rich? I believe even Jesus Christ had a bone to pick with those guys.

Government, as an institution keeping us from killing each other fails miserably. As an institution it seems pretty good about taking care of the hyper-rich. Frankly, I'm not thrilled with any institution that does that -- and I don't think for a second that you are, either.

If Congress is supposed to be in the way -- which I wholeheartedly agree with -- then what's the fuss with the blocks on judicial appointments? They should be stymied; you apparently agree with that.

Wow, only one fascist ever in history. Say, what's that degree in, again? How much did you pay for it?


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