Saturday, June 18, 2005

Where do we go now?

Shall we just discount all of government now? You don't like the Congress, you don't like effective Democrats in the White House, and you don't like activist (i.e., non-Republican) judges. What should we do? Elect a king and rule by fiat? Allow a caste of society to lord over us?

Screw that, man. If we are to descend into chaos, I'll do the class warfare thing.

The Dems are working like a government in exile because Repubs have shut them out of the process. Dems requested the Judiciary Committee hear the witnesses. Sensenbrenner refused, so Conyers was going to hold the testimony at DNC headquarters. Much like the Somalian government forming in Canada, I suppose.

Still, it really pisses me off when those in power go fascist. It makes me want (when the pendulum swings back, and we all acknowledge it will) to drag into the streets the Repubs that are so far to the right that they have lost touch with reality.

I imagine the Imperial governors had better treatment at the end of "Jedi".
What form of government do you like? Theocracy?


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