Saturday, January 15, 2005


The New Hero of the American Left

I'm not joking. Michael Moore, Tim Robbins, et al, will be all over this poor guy whose superiors hung him out to dry - just like those kids in A Few Good Men. Expect interviews on 60 Minutes from Leavenworth, bumperstickers and an appeal handled by Ramsey Clark.

Hey Chuck, you swore to follow all "lawful" orders - the onus was on you to disobey them and go to their superiors (Like the others did). Damn the bad luck. But I bet tearing off a piece of that white trash chick was worth it, wasn't it?

Blue Bracelets
You can wear a blue rubber bracelet to show fawning Euroweenies and the guys at the Volvo dealership that you voted for the other guy (the Man of the PeopleTM)

They will also indicate that you are a shallow narcissist who thinks the rest of us give damn about who you voted for.
(On a related, media bias note, the link is to "anti_bush_bracelets_3" - even though the article clearly states you can get a red one to show your affiliation with all of us in Jesusland. But the important thing is that you can stick it to the man, man!)


Methane Ocean Front Property, you can almost see the Makenzie's house from here. Your obscure Clarke reference for the day. In that novel, he also tackled the same moral and ethical issues of cloning that we're debating now. He wrote it in the early 70s.

What did she do to you?

Dude, that's just harsh. And not all that funny, either.
Some of us see the evolution debate as religious stupidity and others as an effort by the public schools to deny that religious faith exists in this country despite their best efforts to the contrary.

Friday, January 14, 2005

Absolutely Had to Pass This Along

"'Apple Computer' is nothing more than a liberal-backed fifth column intended to subvert the American computer industry, and ultimately bankrupt good capitalist companies such as Microsoft and Intel. "Apple" isn't the only front group run by the International Communist Conspiracy. "Sun Microsystems" engages in similar monopolistic practices, trying to enforce a single hardware and software standard on all users, instead of the choices offered by Microsoft. Worst of all are the smaller Red fronts using the communist Linux operating system, with names like "Mandrake" (a French front, of course), and even really obvious ones like Red Hat! Linux is distributed under a Commie license that forces developers to give away the fruits of their labour, just as Marx ordered all good Communists to work as much as they could for a pittance in return in an illusory equal society. All of these so-called companies are just fronts for Communists and liberal fellow-travellers. Remember, when you buy Apple or download Linux, you're supporting Communism. Good Americans support real freedom-loving businesses like Microsoft, SCO, and AMD."

[Excerpt from "Apple Computer": A Ridiculous LIberal Myth]

Tin Foil Hat enough for you?
Of course I'm scared of God. He's a jealous old hermit who lives in the sky and can read my mind. Plus, He has a really creepy beard! Puhleez. Why are so many thumpers afraid of Chuck Darwin?

The Soul of the Comfy Chair

The Comfy Chair skit was about the Spanish Inquisition, so why the hell not talk about religious stupidity?

And with that, I end this post, laughing my ass off.
Maybe we should change the blog title to "An Atheist, an atheist, and a deist"?

Suspicions Confirmed

"The guys give me [SP4 Garner] hell for not getting any pictures while I was fighting this guy," said one message, titled "just another dull night at [Abu Ghraib]," with a photograph attached of a bound and naked detainee howling with pain, his legs bleeding. To an e-mail message about a Take Your Children to Work Day event, he replied, "how about send a bastard to hell day?" attaching a photograph of a detainee's head bloodied beyond recognition.

With a photograph of him stitching a wound on a detainee's eye, he wrote: "Things may have gotten a bit bad when we were asking him a couple of questions. O well." A similar photograph is titled "cool stuff." It was attached to an e-mail reading, "Like I said, sometimes you get to do really cool stuff over here," ending it "xoxoxoxo to all."

Sending the same photograph to another friend, Specialist Graner wrote, "Try doing this at home, and they'll lock you up if you don't have some type of license," adding, "Not only was I the healer, I was the hurter. O well life goes on."
[More . . . ]

Anyone who has spent any time around the corrections community will tell you that stupidity and cruelty are the order of the day in most institutions. I don't think that the conduct was ordered by higher ups, just that the behavior was not discouraged, either.
Damn. I'm putting my Evolution Arguments in a separate posting now.


AS for this pressing discussion of a seventy year old argument . . . is it the belief of the Left that what children learn in school are the only things they know? Are children only required to learn those things they will know in life at school and nowhere else?

Tom Brokaw's Greatest GenerationTM was taught that:

a) the continents formed when the Earth was created and that the drift theory was impossible and;

b) that the "cratered" appearance of the moon was the result of volcanism.

The competing theories of the day eventually won out, but in both cases they still haven't been completely disproven, either. Continents were formed when the Earth was created - the west Coast of S. America is possibly the oldest place on earth - virtually unchaged by continental drift. The moon did go through a period of volcanism, as shown by some fairly impressive 14,000 foot peaks that could not have been made by meteor impacts.

So some schools want to teach competing theories. BFD. Why, after having the Left lecture us about shades of gray for the last two generations are we being told that there is only one possible truth, no more no less?

If you child learns something that you consider bullshit at school - do you:

a) tell the kid that Teacher is sometimes wrong?

b) tell the kid that Teacher is never wrong?

c) tell the kid that yeah, that's one theory and I'd probably put it down on a test if asked, but here's a book you might want to read when the class is done, okay?

d) take your kid out of school completely, homeschool them, teach them to be suspicious of all organized learning, and convince them that you, and you alone know the absolute truth - not those bastards on the school board, oh no, with their masonic handshakes and their coded messages - I know what they're trying to do, and I won't let them, no siree, they're shooting their voodoo into your noodle and you won't stand for it, uh uh, you know what Im talking about right righttheycanttakeitawayfrommenowayusslkjas;9*A9u ns zx ................................................

For God's sake, the Huygens probe just soft landed on Titan, and we're debating the Scope's Monkey Trial?
The Corner has been doing this thing all week on Intelligent Design Theory - frankly, it bores the crap out of me and my Clock Making God

Attention World

MSNBC - Judge nixes evolution textbook stickers
Evolution is a Theory it is still not a fact. Someday it may be a fact. If Cobb County wants to remind their students of that then they have every right to.
I'm an atheist (not an Atheist), Conway's Game Of Life provides me with all the god I need, random chance and interaction.

If god doesn't exist then why are you so afraid of him.

Thursday, January 13, 2005

Let the Great Debate Begin!

Does anyone want to explain why my "theory" of Creationism doesn't hold
water? ---jenny

And yes, please do post this to the blog...

Early mammal dined on dinosaurs
Fossilized remains show a tiny dinosaur in the belly of a mammal - a
startling find for scientists who long believed early mammals were too
small and timid to eat the giant reptiles.

Well, for starters, your "theory" of Creationism would likely have palentologists uncovering older mammal fossils (or at least mammal fossils that are as old as the older dinosaur fossils as judged by strata, etc.) and human fossils alongside dino fossils.

This discovery is surprising for two reasons: first, it shows that mammals were larger earlier than previously thought and secondly, that mammals ate dinosaurs. The previous thought was that dinosaurs were such effective predators that mammals had to live in the margins, and the most effective way for them to do that would be through remaining small.

In fact, mammals probably outbred dinosaurs. Extant lizards and avian species are known for having problems maintaining their populations under stress.

Let me flat out say this, though: Evolution is a fact. The method and process are where theory kicks in. As for the whole "competing theory" argument, that doesn't hold water when the Flat-Earthers or Holocaust Deniers come to town, either.

As for Creationism, it's taking its lumps these days. I'm confident the Pennsylvania Intelligent Design stupidity will likewise soon be struck down. It's the 21st Century, for crying out loud.
Confidential Note to JAL: Should we get on the phone sometime so I can teach you how to use Blogger?

Wednesday, January 12, 2005


Michael Moore is still an asshole.
Dude, He was Max Rockatowski! That can't be beat. And he said he'd quit smoking in his movies when Bill and Hilary stopped lying in office. Bit dated, but still, he was Mad Max!

People's Choice

Yes, you're going to have to hear about this from me, too:
"I feel a kind of strange kinship with Michael. They're always tying to pit us against each other in the press...the left, the right…" he commented, clearly dismissive of the idea.

"I saw his film, I liked it," Gibson said of "9/11," though he indicated that he might disagree with some points and some editing. "However, the question - and I didn't need to see his film to answer the question - is, why are we in Iraq?"

Gibson said that no one had explained to him adequately "why we went in and why we're there."

When a New York Times columnist asked Gibson, "What do you like best about Catholicism and Jesus Christ?" Gibson snapped, "Next question." And as a reporter began asking another question, he added: "Don't f--- with me."

Doesn't take crap, devout Catholic, and also cannot understand our mission in Iraq: Mr. Mel Gibson.
Let the demonization of Mel Gibson from the Right begin! Start where the Left left off.

Speaking of Iraq

I'm stealing this from Air America's Al Franken Show, but visit The White House's Iraq webpage. Hmm. Looks like the page is out of date, since the news hasn't been updated since October 21st.

If the White House needs a web developer to keep the page up-to-date, I'd like to know where to submit my resume. I understand that the White House offers 40% vacation time. Fortunately, I've never employed a nanny, meaning that I'm sure to breeze through the confirmation process.
Weird. The rest of the page is up-to-date. Why wouldn't the news be current?

Yeah, Newsflash

It's weird that poor people keep voting for enhanced tax cuts for rich people. What is the matter with Kansas, indeed.

Rich people found out a long time ago that poor people can be easily manipulated. Poor people live in fear of disease, death, and unemployment, so they put their focus on other things they have some greater sense of control over: generally sports and religion. These two are great for moving money up the hierarchy, because it offers feeble hope, much like the lottery.

So you tell poor people that banning homosexual unions is something you strongly support, win re-election ... and then never mention it again. All the while, you're working on getting the money out of Social Security where it might help someone and instead liberate it for scavenging by Wall Street!

Much like telling people that we believe that Iraq has WMDs and will continue to look for them. Except, now we aren't anymore. Say that we are setting up a democracy in Iraq to stabilize the region, but Iraqis probably won't be able to vote in some areas. Good thing we shifted the focus of the election to gays (the fault of conservatives) and stem cell research (the fault of liberals).

Does the left have more money? I kind of doubt it. Are rich liberals more willing to talk about social issues and apply their money to helping America? Looks like it. Besides, if liberals have so much money and are so despised, why not tax them more?
It's no newsflash, though, that I scored as lust (followed by sloth, pride, and vanity) on the Seven Deadly Sins test.

Tuesday, January 11, 2005

White Trash Removal

The U.S. Supreme Court let stand on January 10, 2005 a ruling that the Ku Klux Klan can take part in Missouri's 'Adopt-A-Highway' program in which volunteers pick up trash along the road and the state puts up a sign thanking the group.

Ideally, They'll take the opportunity to wear their outfits when they're doing their thing. Ideally.
I'm Upper Middle Class, too. But the questions seem a bit obvious. The guy also wrote "Which Band Member are You?"

Limousines, Anyone?

The token liberal has just learned that on average, the American Left is more affluent then the American Right.

Film at 11, followed by sports and weather with Buffy and Chip.
I'd take the damn thing, but it looks too daunting. And the last one I took said I was voting for Kerry. But I'm still Jayne, and that has to count for something.

My tuckus

You scored as Upper middle Class.

Your determination have soared you this high, yet not high enough to enjoy the luxuries of the upper class. Your most valued posession is your country club membership which is kept framed in the office.

I find that quiz highly suspect.
After all, I'm part of the counter-culture!

Yes! Yes! Yes!

The new HSC director is more bugfuck creepifying then Tom Ridge!

What is it with this administration? I swear, at times they would nominate the Grinch as Secretary of Candy Canes and Lollipops and put Willy Wonka in charge of the Census.

Oh well. At least we don't have Donna Shalalala or Janet Reno.
Thankfully, there's a place for Gow'ron in the second term.

Kind of interesting

You scored as alternative. You're partially respected for being an individual in a conformist world yet others take you as a radical. You have no place in society because you choose not to belong there - you're the luckiest of them all, even if your parents are completely ashamed of you. Just don't take drugs ok?

What Social Status are you?
created with
I didn't know Brian ever used his rear view mirror.

Sunday, January 09, 2005

What Your Shirts Should Look Like

Brian, nifty shirts you ordered. As I said, there sure is a lot of conservative dirt out there. However, skewing the states based on their electoral votes should give you a more interesting shirt:

Not that accuracy is all that important to us.