Friday, January 21, 2005

Shouting Fire in a Crowded Asylum

It's guys like these that make me long for the days of the polished prose and well reasoned debating style of Mark from Michigan and the Montana Militia.
What do you want to bet that if the camera was opened up just a few more millimeters that we would see an ocean of quietly supportive Bush fans? Tight shots in crowds always make me suspicious.

Ahhhhhh . . .

Items purchased on Not One Damn Dime Day:

  • Two cups of Coffee: $2
  • Lunch for two at the Oriental Kitchen: $14.03 (incl. tip)
  • Stapler: $6.99
  • 12 Precise Blue Fine Point Pens: $15.99
  • One gallon Red Mahogany stain: $19.99
  • Six poly foam brushes: $5.34
  • Copy of key: $.95
  • Two Muffin Pans: $7.98
  • Two bottles of tonic water: $1.78
  • Can of white frosting (with sprinkle confetti): $1.73

Total: $76.78

Knowledge that my President makes Sen. Barbara Boxer cry: Priceless
There's a link between consumer spending and the war in Iraq? What a bunch of morons.

Wednesday, January 19, 2005


From that bastion of Right-wing groupthink, MSNBC:
Exit polls say Bush won fair and square

Overestimates of Sen. John Kerry’s support in presidential exit polls conducted on Election Day do not support allegations of fraud, according to an examination of the $10 million system released Wednesday.

The examination concludes that the exit-polling system worked properly, stressing that in the end, none of its clients — ABC, CBS, CNN, Fox, NBC and The Associated Press — was misled into making an inaccurate projection of the winner of any race. “However, the estimates produced by the exit poll data on November 2nd were not as accurate as we have produced with previous exit polls,” it said.

[ . . . ]

When Bush turned out to be the winner, some Kerry partisans used the exit polls to insist that the Republicans had somehow stolen votes, especially in the swing states of Pennsylvania and Ohio and in districts that were using electronic voting systems for the first time.

But Edison and Mitofsky said a thorough examination of the survey data demonstrated that Bush won the election fair and square.

“Exit polls do not support the allegations of fraud due to rigging of voting equipment,” the report concluded. “Our analysis of the difference between the vote count and the exit poll at each polling location in our sample has found no systematic differences for precincts using touch screen and optical scan voting equipment.”
[More . . . ]

Not that I expect this to change the flavor of the Kool-Aid any. But, it's like, y'know, confirmation of what Sen. Biden said.
There were no exit pollers in Oneida, a purple county. What does this tell us about their results?

Becoming Increasingly More Obvious by the Minute

Senator John Kerry (D - The Hamptons) goes to Washington to cast that most elusive of all things, a vote:
Senate Panel Gives Rice Confirmation Nod

WASHINGTON Jan 19, 2005 — The Senate Foreign Relations Committee voted Wednesday to confirm Condoleezza Rice as secretary of state after two days of hearings in which she faced strenuous Democratic assaults on the Bush administration's handling of Iraq.

Pending approval by the full Senate, Rice would be the first black woman to hold the job. She was confirmed by a 16-2 vote with Democrats John Kerry of Massachusetts and Barbara Boxer of California voting no.

Other Democrats, including ranking member Joseph Biden of Delaware, had said they were reluctantly voting to elevate Rice to the nation's top diplomatic job. A vote by the full Senate was expected by Thursday.
[More . . . ]

Yes, yes, yes, she does testify that mistakes were made in Iraq. It's so very nice to know that both the poster and the reader read the full article.

Dr. Rice displays her Flying Squirrel Fighting Style for the Senate Hearing.
It made Sen. Boxer cry.

Tasty Kool Aid . . . cold tasty Kool Aid . . . goes good with the blue ones and the green ones!


Is this a case of "never wrestle with a pig, because you'll get dirty but the pig will enjoy it"?

Yeah, I wrote that I am almost willing to do those things. For those of you new to the English language, "almost" means "not quite", as in "I almost died today", which can be taken to mean "I did not die today, but came quite close".

As in "I almost understood your post, Shawn, but then decided to be an ass."

Knock yourself out, Dude.
Yeah, and Bill Clinton won twice, fair and square, with large margins. Glad you and the rest of the Right got over it. I don't think I ever once told you to.


Look man, you wrote it, and I quote:
I'm almost willing to let all social services be destroyed and let the US fall back into a Great Depression, almost as if to make a point of why Democrats ran the country for so long. I could sit on the sidelines and laugh while the government is turned into a corporate welfare machine. I could laugh when the next disease outbreak wipes out a generation or two, or people die of hunger. These things happened in America, and they could just as easily happen again.

It's not like I'm going "all Fox News" on you - you wrote it now stand by it. You are willing to "sit on the sidelines and laugh" while millions suffer to make a political point.

This is strong stuff and I'm not in the habit of deleting posts. It is apparently your desire to make invalid political points through the suffering of others.

This kind of hysteria is precisely why Dems and The American Left lose elections. You are willing to let millions suffer to make political hay rather then accepting reality. Kerry wasn't the abberation, Bill Clinton was.

Bush Won The Election.
Joe Biden Says Get Over It.

OTOH, you could work to make change and be an obnoxious prick at cocktail parties - "I registered Half Black Latina Lebian Handicapped Vets to vote in the last election, what did you do?"

I haven't posted on the tens of thousand of questionable votes cast in Milwaukee County in the last election. Maybe I should if you aren't going to follow Joe Biden's sound advice.
Giggle! And he looks like a chimp, too! Have you ever noticed that he looks alot like a chimp! Giggle!

Back to Medium...

...which some reviewers have had the temerity to rate highly, I must point out that the Brazilian beauty who plays Inara on Firefly will be in the next episode.

There, that should cement your feelings on Medium, a show you'll probably never see.

Now, Enterprise's imminent demise, that's something we should be talking about.

Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Wrong and Stupid

Look where it was attached, Brian.

Confidence in the Electoral System.

I know that you have a special knack for making sound, logical arguments. I know you can follow sentences. It's your life's calling. Don't play Fox News on me here.

As for what I was saying about letting my countrymen die off is that I don't want the Left to have to clean up the errors of the Right. 'Sides, the Right is just as concerned about the welfare of their fellow men, right? The Right retaining power for another 18 months will completely vindicate them, wouldn't you say? Conservatives will get to show the namby-pamby alarmist Left that all of their worries were unfounded and that the Conservative Approach is definitely the best way. Or are we no longer in a marketplace of ideas?

Please also consider the careful use of the word "almost". Feel free to delete your post if you want.
Yeah, Aerobus totally sucks. That's why Airbus's parent company BAE's stock is rated "Outperform" versus Boeing's rating of "Hold". There's also some rather interesting differences in the market caps that I really won't get into.

That's also why Boeing's recent products of ... oh, man, what have they done recently? I remember the 757 not being ordered by anyone, and the exec that they "hired" after she helped them score a sweet Air Force contract that has since gotten her in a bit of trouble, but I really blank out after that...

Oh, that's right, they're in the doldrums now.

And Boeing never gave the general American public the gift of supersonic travel.

More Smackdown on Medium

I should probably just let it go, but it ticks me off that Medium is so bad.

Also, I was trying to determine if someone that might have had anything to do with the X-Files authorized the theft of the intro.

Instead, I found Tim Squyres.

Mr. Squyres was the editor for Wo hu cang long, or for all of us non-Mandarin speakers, Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon.

As a point of fact, he's worked on all of Ang Lee's films.

This is worse than Rene "Best of DS-9" Ecchevaria's betrayal with crap, this is horrible. There are at least two people on the production team and in the workings of the show (Rene's on the writing staff and Tim helps out with the filming) who should know better.

Yes, I am aware that Kelsey Grammer's also on the production staff. He's also a producer on "Girlfriends". Enough said.

Fortunately, the sour taste of Monday was washed out of my mouth with "Scrubs" and "Committed". Very funny. I'm not saying that Brian should get cable or anything, but it's really funny.

You Can Have a Do-Over

How is that wrong or stupid?

It's wrong and stupid because you just said that you wouldn't mind seeing several million of you fellow countrymen die just so you can prove a political point. That's not Lefty, that's insane.

You get a do-over. Try again.
It took all of Europe 35 years to build an airplane bigger then the 747. That is why we don't want to be like them. They shoulda stuck with the Concorde.

Why He Lost?

Jeez. Eyes squinted shut, finges in the ears, screaming out "My Country 'Tis of Thee" off key, the Republicans still like to make fun of they guy who garnered more votes than Ronald Reagan either time. Why is this?

Why are Iraqis fleeing their country prior to elections, despite our promises to protect them? [source]

Why are Bush's numbers further dropping? [source]

Why are we actively seeking to piss off nuclear powers? [source]

I agree that asking what is Kerry's deal is a great question. I thought he conceeded far too early. There was no Constitutional crisis. Supporters were willing to stick through it. Kerry failed us. I still think he'd be a better President. I still think that this last election was dirty, and I can lay out a laundry list of reasons why.

But it doesn't really matter, does it? Kerry (like many others on the Left) won't fight and Conservatives won't listen. If the Left makes concessions, the Right demands more while belittling the Left. If the Left holds its ground, the Right cries foul. There's no winning. There doesn't even seem to be a middle ground.

I'm almost willing to let all social services be destroyed and let the US fall back into a Great Depression, almost as if to make a point of why Democrats ran the country for so long. I could sit on the sidelines and laugh while the government is turned into a corporate welfare machine. I could laugh when the next disease outbreak wipes out a generation or two, or people die of hunger. These things happened in America, and they could just as easily happen again.

Yeah, I'm a leftie. I'd rather that the United States be more like Europe countries than African countries. I'd like to have some more confidence in my electoral system, to start. How is that wrong or stupid?
Ann Venneman is going to lead Unicef starting May 1st. They had better not ask me for a dime.

Bond, James Bond

I think Ewan McGregor might be the finest actor of our generation. That is why I really don't want him to become the next James Bond.

Hugh Jackman (who I salivated over in my previous post), is a much better candidate. Prior to X-Men, what had he really done? Swordfish, that's what.

So I am very pleased that Jackman is now the favorite in betting circles to be the next James Bond.
At over 6'2", I always thought he was too tall to play Logan. However, he'll be perfect for Bond.


As in "tepid". As in "so-so".

I'm not a mystery buff, so I'm a little insulted when I figure out a mystery before the leads of a show.

I'm not an actor, so I'm a little insulted when I know for certain that I could deliver lines more authentically than the leads of a show.

I'm not a screenwriter, so I'm a little insulted when a show gives their leads sterotyped crappy roles. (Rene Echevarria, how could you do this to us?)

I was, however, a big fan of the X-Files. The fact that Medium appears to have stolen their opening credits really annoys me.

The show has fans, who are nuts:

That was a great, great show!! And I loved the chemistry between her and her husband. I have high expectations for it. Besides they mixed in crime which is the new trend right now. Well no not really new but every single show on TV has to be a crime scene investigation or have a gay character. [from the IMDB message board for the show]

Then please, for the love of sanity, bring in some gay characters! Actually, I thought the husband was gay. Australian accent, too much hair product: I was thinking "The Boy From Oz" (although not Hugh Jackman, who is an uber-actor for making Wolverine macho without making him two dimensional).
Eh. I won't be watching it, even though it could fill up that void in my life between the far, far superior "24" and far, far superior "The Daily Show".

Autumn Comes to Green Cove Springs

The air is chilly, having dropped into freezing temperatures overnight. When outside, the difference between just a few days ago, the leaves fallen from many of the trees, the unnatural quiet formed by the absence of birdsong: it all makes me realize that the school year must be just about to begin.

Then I remember that it's the middle of January. We aren't supposed to have highs in the 80s.
I'm not kidding — most of the trees still have all of their leaves.

Monday, January 17, 2005

Now is it Obvious Why He Lost?

The man who voted for the $87 billion before he voted against it, the man who threw away all his ribbons but kept his medals, the man who accepted the results of the last election, now says that there were voting irregularites:
BOSTON (AP) - Sen. John Kerry, in some of his most pointed public comments yet about the presidential election, invoked Martin Luther King Jr.'s legacy on Monday as he criticized President Bush and decried reports of voter disenfranchisement.

The Massachusetts Democrat, Bush's challenger in November, spoke at Boston's annual Martin Luther King Day Breakfast. He reiterated that he decided not to challenge the election results, but ``thousands of people were suppressed in the effort to vote.''

``Voting machines were distributed in uneven ways. In Democratic districts, it took people four, five, eleven hours to vote, while Republicans (went) through in 10 minutes - same voting machines, same process, our America,'' he said.
[More . . . ]

So, if this was such a horrible, unfair result, where the hell were you? Why weren't you manning, errr, personning, the barricades with the rest of the proles? Was it just not that important to you?

Or are you just making political hay in front of a majority black audience?

Frigging shameless. If the results bothered you that much, you'd'a done something about it.

And in our continuing pointless examination of media bias . . .
Voting irregularities in Ohio drove primarily Democratic challenges to the Nov. 2 election, but Congress eventually affirmed President Bush the winner by a slim electoral vote count of 286-251 - plus a single vote cast by a Minnesota elector for Kerry's running mate, former Sen. John Edwards.

Riiiiiight. A margin of victory of 15% is a slim electoral vote count. Riiiight.
First Lady Teresa Heinz-Moonbat-Kerry was going to be a lot of fun, tho. Divorced by 2006, I tell ya.