Friday, January 20, 2006

What are you people still doing here?

What the hell has Shawn been up to lately?

Shawn's ben working like a regular mofo. Shawn's been working so hard, in fact, that he has taken to speaking in the third person. He does this because the level of work that he is performing requires him to allow his soul to drift from his body. Not really in an astral projection kind of way, but really more of a escape-from-the-situation-during-a-prison-rape sort of way. Not that Shawn would know anything about prison or prison rape.

Most people tend to enjoy Shawn's work at Crudely Drawn Comics, especially if they know his brother, unless they are directly related to Shawn, in which case they bitch incessantly about being in more of the comics.

Tied into this is ADL Fun, an entertainment site intended for the 25-55 crowd. Mob? Segment. Shawn doesn't know how to refer to these people. Regardless, the site hosts content for advice columns, movie reviews, music opinion, game reviews, sports, politics, and more! Shawn's quite proud of this towering achievement in site development and looks forward to seeing you there.

Ah, Ferris Bueller, is there nothing you can't teach us?