Friday, February 03, 2006

All the Little Hitlers...

I distinctly remember a tiff erupting. I remember me writing "fascist". I remember someone else thinking I'd written "Hitler". Strong words were said. Friendships eroded.

Today, justification cometh.

Even Donnie Rumsfeld can't keep from pulling out the Hitler.

Who? Who could possibly compare to the madman who tried to wipe out Jew and gypsie and Catholic?

Earlier this week, US defence secretary Donald Rumsfeld likened Mr Chavez to Adolf Hitler, describing both as leaders who were "elected legally and then consolidated power". [Full article]

To paraphrase the Daily Show (I believe), "You know who was a real Hitler? Hitler." Everyone else doesn't quite measure up.

I love it when the other side does the exact same thing they claim their "wrong-headed" opponent of.