Sunday, April 02, 2006


Tuttle, OK: City of Dumbasses.

Here's why — it's not that an idiot who didn't know what the computers do was taking care of the system, and it's not even that he jumped the gun and made slanderous (libelous?) accusations out of his own ignorance, the pomposity that he treated the whole situation or that he thinks that the people who make this nation run (and that is what the geeks and freaks do, by the way).

It's that his boss supports his unrepentant idiocy.

“He was not being that rude. He was protecting the city’s website,” [Mayor] Paxton said.
[Write up in the local paper.]

Mayor Paxton, may I postulate that you are embezzling? May I instruct you to return money to the city fund before I contact the FBI and IRS? May I threaten to contact the local sherrif and swear out a complaint?

Sure, I don't know your budgetting process. I also don't know how much money is used, by whom, or how. Just like the dumbass you have managing the networks doesn't understand what he's doing. He should be disciplined before you are sued. You claimed that legitimate software was the work of a hacker. This could adversly affect the reputation and hirability of the programmers. You could be on the hook for millions.

I hope you are. You bunch of dumbasses.
Glad I got that off my chest.